Personal Branding is a new subject, and one that generates many questions in professionals and companies:

  • How do Personal Brands coexist with Corporate Brands?
  • How to coordinate these voices?
  • Why invest in Brand Ambassadors?
  • What if the professional leaves the company?

In our talks, we seek a mix of content and practical experiences to help professionals find their unique voice, and how to express their differentials in their narratives.

Discover our Main Themes and Talks

To each client’s demand we curate the subjects below, putting together according to their priorities / needs. Timming and dynamics can be customized.

Reveal your voice

What is Personal Brand and how to strengthen yours


Basic concepts of reputation management, importance of organizing the narrative, basics of social networks, how to avoid the most common mistakes, practical tips.

For whom

Managers who need to boost/strengthen their visibility.


Basic concepts of reputation management, importance of harmonizing the Personal Brand with the Employer Brand, and how both are powerful together, how to define communication territories, “LinkedIn is the new site”

For whom

Key professionals who are being prepared to be brand ambassadors, teams who need guidance on how to vocalize their brands.

Personal Brand + Employer Brand

A strategic alignment for both

“I don’t know how to sell myself”

Myths and Truths about Personal Branding


Basic concepts of reputation management, importance of organizing the narrative, basics of social networks, how to avoid the most common mistakes, practical tips.

For whom:

Raise awareness for leaders and teams to the importance of managing their Brands, and the positive impact on their careers, especially at initial levels.

Betafly Clients

What our clients say

Unique Expertise

With strong background and offices in São Paulo and California, Betafly Partners bring to the table a one of kind combination of talents and expertises to help you unleash the power of your Brand.

About the

Founders of Betafly

Susana Arbex de Araujo

São Paulo Office | SP

Assista a um vídeo Curto

I specialized in Personal Branding, after 20 years of executive and advisory experience, and also as a teacher and speaker.

I like to say that I use my experience working with “great companies” to help “great people” show the world the best version of themselves.

I was a Marketing, Branding and Strategic Planning executive for 20 years in relevant companies in Brazil, such as Natura, Santander and T4F.

As a consultant, I led Branding projects for brands such as Brastemp, Raízen, Cacau Show, BTG Investimentos, BRF, Pepsico among many others.

Along with Giuliana, I am the creator of the FLY® Method for Personal Branding.

Giuliana Tranquilini

Palo Alto Office | California

Assista a um vídeo Curto

My mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs to show and express their Personal Brand.

I am certified by Reach International in Personal Branding and, after 20 years of experience in Branding and Marketing in large companies, I joined my passions, which are caring for people and branding, and founded Betafly with Susana.

During my 20 years of experience in Communication and Marketing, I worked for large companies such as Natura, Havaianas, Shopping Iguatemi.

I also worked in advertising and promotion agencies, being responsible for brands such as O Boticário, PepsiCo, among others. I use all my experience as an executive in large companies to help leaders and entrepreneurs.

Personal Branding For: