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Have you ever wondered:

Why do some people have more visibility and opportunities than others with the same talent and potential?
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To answer this question

Understand the POWER of yourPersonal Brand

Performance, attitude, competence, nobody disputes that these are the foundations of a solid career. Many people, however, still believe that just doing their job the proper way will automatically lead to results and recognition.

That may have been true, but the world has changed. When the professionals don’t define themselves, the world defines the Brand for them. A more contemporary attitude is taking control and giving directions to our own Personal Brands.

The Personal Brand can, and must, be managed strategically. For this reason, we created a methodology to help professionals unleash the essence of their Brands and work on how to show it to the world in an authentic and strategic way, aligned with their vision and values.


Discover the FLY® Method

1. Identity

“Who am I and how do people see me?”

2. Positioning

“What sets me apart and what do I offer?”

3. Expression

“How do I communicate On and Off-Line”

Discover theFLY® Method

Methodology for Assessment, Positioning and Strengthening the Personal Brand

We develop the FLY® Method combining Silicon Valley’s best practices with our more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Branding, Marketing and Communication.

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Unique Expertise

With strong background and offices in São Paulo and California, Betafly Partners bring to the table a one of kind combination of talents and expertises to help you unleash the power of your Brand.

About the

Founders of Betafly

Susana Arbex de Araujo

São Paulo Office | SP

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I specialized in Personal Branding, after 20 years of executive and advisory experience, and also as a teacher and speaker.

I like to say that I use my experience working with “great companies” to help “great people” show the world the best version of themselves.

I was a Marketing, Branding and Strategic Planning executive for 20 years in relevant companies in Brazil, such as Natura, Santander and T4F.

As a consultant, I led Branding projects for brands such as Brastemp, Raízen, Cacau Show, BTG Investimentos, BRF, Pepsico among many others.

Along with Giuliana, I am the creator of the FLY® Method for Personal Branding.

Giuliana Tranquilini

Palo Alto Office | California

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My mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs to show and express their Personal Brand.

I am certified by Reach International in Personal Branding and, after 20 years of experience in Branding and Marketing in large companies, I joined my passions, which are caring for people and branding, and founded Betafly with Susana.

During my 20 years of experience in Communication and Marketing, I worked for large companies such as Natura, Havaianas, Shopping Iguatemi.

I also worked in advertising and promotion agencies, being responsible for brands such as O Boticário, PepsiCo, among others. I use all my experience as an executive in large companies to help leaders and entrepreneurs.

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