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We are a consultancy of strategy and implementation for personal and corporate brands.

We work for companies and people identifying their opportunities, deepening their essence and solving issues in branding management.

BETAFLY METHODOLOGY DEPTH ANTHROPOSOPHICAL APPROACH Anthroposophy is a philosophy that integrates a diversity of subjects and seeks to deepen the knowledge and awareness of human beings and what they experience in the world. It means “human knowledge”, or in a more contemporary definition, it’s a “self-conscience of the human being ”. At Betafly we use anthroposophical models in order to accelerate the process of diving into the human being issues found in the projects we embrace. There are no brands without people. That’s why we place people and their motivations in the core of the process, and we seek genuine connections between them and their brands. SPEED AGILE FOR BRANDING The agile methods were originated in the IT environment as an alternative to traditional project management models. They are based on interations and sprint cycles, in which there is close team collaboration, fast prototyping, assessment, feedback and learning. At Betafly we adapt these processes, specially Google Design Sprint, in order to deal with Branding issues, customizing stages according to challenges of each project and brand. Connection and empathy from a human perspective. Pragmatism that accelerates decision making.

Supporting our core methodology, we use of a great variety of tools and approaches, which are picked based on specific needs and contexts, in order to facilitate group dynamics and processes conduction. Some of them are:

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    Lego Serious Play®
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    Design Thinking
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    Thinking Environment
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    In-depth Interviews
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    Interviews with specialists
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    Face-to-face and online group discussions


Intense and focused work to generate pragmatic solutions.
Fast does not need nor should not be superficial. The philosophy of working in sprints helps you to focus in the core of the questions and focus efforts on modeling opportunities. Intense collaboration and time management discipline helps the team to fully exploit its potential.
Our BetaFly Fast process is based on a basic 4 weeks format, and the key steps are:
. Immersion
. Sprint
. Development
. Final Report

The duration and dynamics applied are customized according to the needs of each client. A striking solution, with the ability to deliver depth and speed.


What is your unique offer to the world?
The market dynamics, increasingly fluid, requires a new attitude of professionals.
Caring for your Personal Brand is taking care of your biggest asset, your reputation. It is what remains and is strengthened at every step you take in your career.
. How do you tell your story?
. What sets you apart from those who do the same as you?
. How does your Personal Brand generate value in relation to your employer’s brand?

We support freelancers, executives, entrepreneurs and any professional who wants to organize their experiences in a consistent language and express it in social networks, in their speech, in their attitudes and thus build their universe of influence.
The more coherent and authentic your expression, the more assertive your message.

. Identity – Who am I
. Reputation – How am I perceived
. Arena – What is my territory?
. Positioning – How I act and what sets me apart
. Networks – Who can help me?
. Expression – Strategy, gaps and Action Plan


We believe that brands are like living things, they are constantly evolving. In every change, they gain new possibilities.
We are experts in building productive and true relationships, able of connecting brands and people.

. Brand Strategy
. Brand and Portfolio Architecture
. Brand Positioning
. Manifest
. Trends & Insights
. Journey and consumer experience. Brand Manifesto
. Brand content
. Visual identity


Using research and facilitation methods, we support groups of all sizes – more than one, for us, is a group! – to draw up plans for the future and to commit to them. We also encourage groups to immerse themselves in a topic of their interest, leading their journey and ensuring that they remain in focus.

. Group Dynamics and Specific Workshops
. Facilitating the preparation of action plans
. Deepening themes
. Discussion of search reports
. And numerous situations that require facilitation and moderation


In a market that needs to follow the speed of behavioral changes, how to work branding in an agile way without losing depth?
This concern led us to seek a new way of building strong brands.
Our anthroposophical look backs up our belief in human capacity to transform and evolve continuously.
Our look into the future triggers our search for innovation.
We reflect along with our clients upon dilemmas and opportunities in order to map out new routes together.


Our repertoire is based on reading scenarios and a curatorship of information in order to draw up new differentiated strategies.

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    SENIORITY to identify scenarios and anticipate problems.
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    DEPTH to avoid shortcuts and reach the core issues.
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    CURIOSITY to search what was not said.
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    COURAGE to change when the chosen path does not bring answers.
Giuliana Tranquilini Hadade
Brand Strategy and Planning, EVP, Personal Branding
. Twenty years of experience in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Media Relations, Employer Brand and Live Marketing in eminent agencies and companies: Bullet, AlmappBBDO/GAEL, Natura, Havaianas and Iguatemi Group.
. Worked in branding projects to influencial brands such as Visa, O Boticário, Bayer, Topper, Rainha, Bradesco Seguros.
. Has a BA in Management from ESPM and is a certified member of the Brazilian Coaching Society. She has sound knowledge in human and business development through an anthroposophical perspective.
. Is part of the council of the Grupo de Atendimento, a mentor for students at ESPM and professionals in agencies of customer care.
. Is completing three Certifications in Personal Branding by Reach International:
360 Reach Certified Analyst, Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Social
Branding Analyst.
I’m fascinated by the integration between human motivation and brands, and in love with my family.
Susana Arbex de Araujo
Brand Strategy and Planning, Marketing, Corporate Culture
. Over twenty years of executive experience in marketing, branding, sales and strategic planning in relevant companies in Brazil, such as Natura, ABN AMRO REAL and T4F.
. Led branding projects to brands like BRF, Klabin, Brastemp, Raízen, Cacau Show, BTG Investments, Camargo Correa, PEPSICO, among others.
. Was counselor at Planeta Sustentável – Abril Publisher
. Has a BA in Management from UFIF; a specialization in Marketing and Leadership from FGV; an Executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral and a Post-MBA from Kellogg School of Management.
. Studied Atrophosophy with Adigo, immersed in creative thinking at Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), is Certified in Organizational Culture by Wlaking The Talk (UK) and Denison Consulting (USA), INA a Certified Lego Serious Play® facilitator and is completing three Certifications in Personal Branding by Reach International: 360 Reach Certified Analyst, Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Social Branding Analyst.
. Is a member of Google Launchpad, mentoring Startups at Ace Aceleradora.
The dynamic of brands and their meaning in a contemporary society has always instigated my curiosity. My family is my most passionate project.

We believe that managing a brand is a continuous process. Brands are like living beings, and within each adjustment gain new possibilities and responsibilities.

We know that changes bring challenges, so that we support our clients in all stages of their transformational process.

Finding new meanings to branding, adding practical and agile value to organizations, deep diving into dilemmas and opportunities. This is Betafly.

Betafly showed professionalism and perspicacity both during the diagnostic phase as well as during the “therapeutic proposal”. Sharp investment.
Celso Lopes
Founder of Programa Semente
The delivery of Betafly is amazing. An agile process that goes straight to the point. I’ve already worked with other renowned consultancies, which didn’t bring the depth that they did, and in so short time. In one day of deep immersion in the company, with group dynamics with collaborators and interviews with executives, they organized our identity and presented it in a singular format. I highly recommend.
Alexandre Boccia
Owner and director – São Rafael Câmaras Frigoríficas
I’ve already had other experiences with consulting companies. Many of them put forth their expertise but little do they learn and interact with the specifics of the reality they try to assist. Differently from all of this, Betafly overcame my expectations: they perfectly understood our urgency, our challenges and built a work scope that completely met our needs. The result of this work gave us clear and objective parameters of action, within our possibilities and our view of where we want to get. In a few words: objectivity, interaction, deliver, exceeding expectations.
Tania Fontolan
General Director – Programa Semente
In the last five years we carried out a few projects with betafly, all of which quite successful. With expertise, sympathy and simplicity, susana and her team engage in projects with strength and unify collaborators in an organization. They are extraordinary in implementing intangible assets projects. They quickly undersatand the company’s strategy, provoke the organization and unveil its essence. And in this way, they support leaders to adjust the necessary contours of character of the company. A subtle work of extreme value.
Mauro Viegas Neto
Executive President – Concremat Engineering and Technology

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